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sigh... i worked today at the foodcourt place...
ppl kept asking me where the toilets were... cant they just look up at the sign, which was right above me...to the right??
anyways it was pretty quiet at work... where were the ppl?!

Anywho, i think i need more manga...but i downloaded all the ones that i preferred...
rawr... why does most of each manga chapters leave u in suspense? gahhh!! sometimes it takes forever for the next chappie out... oh well.
Patience is the key.
Patience will reward me with more manga... (i think someone is looking at me weirdly...sweet_sheets)

rightio...im bored?!

oh merlin...

sigh... u just gotta love medieval-ish types of legends/myths/stories~~BLAH
why is there a random cat constantly walking outside my window? 0_o freaky...
anywho... back to where i was...

Im totally addicted to Merlin, this new-ish british series based on the Arthurian Legends...
i've always been interested in these types of medieval, royalty, castle, kingdom stories, they are soooo fascinating.
so i'm pretty sure mostly everyone should know bout Merlin or had heard about him.

Well, i have read the story when i was little and seen the movie, King Arthur, so i get the idea of it.
when there is a particular scene with characters who i dont know, i always wikipedia it. lol.
for example, when i started watching it, i didnt even know who morgana was~~now that was an epic FAIL.
yes, moving on. i cant believe there are so many versions of the original Arthurian legend.. GAH!! how annoying!!
oh well.. still love the series!! the best one ever...plus NCIS... lol.

yay! about five more hours before merlin starts in britain! that means i could watch it sooon!!! YIPPEE!!

my LJ begins...

Yes yes, i have finally signed up for livejournal...why? just coz.
anyways, life is great. no more school, TEE and everything relating to...umm... school.
yay it's time to party!!

Anyways, it has been a boring day, just read manga and surf on the net...i need more manga...RAWR!
well, i do have the new episode of merlin... maybe i should watch that. hehehehe >__<"

-yumi rawr



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